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September 17, 2014

CM Flair Media Shots


I had a great time when I photographed the Grand Opening for CM Flair a few months ago.  If you haven’t checked out this amazing boho-chic salon – you really should!

Check out one of these awesome stylists!







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September 9, 2014

Rhett is ONE!


As you all know, I’ve got a soft spot for redheads – so I couldn’t pass up a chance to photograph this sweet family!  I met Charla through my work at Fruit. She now stays home with this cutie, so I was excited to get to see her.  She drove over an hour to see me – and I am thrilled to share in this special moment for her family!









Location: Riverview at Hobson Grove

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August 18, 2014

Kristen + Logan


We had such a great time celebrating with Kristen and Logan as they celebrated their wedding at Olde Stone.  We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did!


Kristen + Logan from Choice Media Productions on Vimeo.

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August 1, 2014

Five Reasons Not to Hire Us for Your Wedding


With so many details to plan for your wedding day, choosing a photography and/or videographer isn’t easy. To help narrow down your list of choices, we thought we’d give you five great reasons NOT to hire us.

Reason #1 – You hate fun people.

If you hate fun people, we probably aren’t the best match for you. You see, we’ll be spending a lot of time together not only on your wedding day, but also communicating via e-mail, telephone, or in person leading up to your ceremony. We want to learn about how you met, what you like to do with one another, and we’ll probably smile and laugh a lot. We’ve been married since 2006, and we love spending time with one another and celebrating new beginnings – and we have fun doing it. If you hate fun people, you should probably look elsewhere for a photographer or videographer.




Reason # 2You don’t like our style.

While we make every effort to accommodate special requests, photographers and videographers have very distinctive styles. The best professional for one couple may not be the best for another – and we recognize that. We invite you to take a look at samples of our work and to talk to past clients. And if our style or personalities don’t work well together, we hope you find the photography or videography team that will make your wedding day the event you’ve been dreaming about for years.



Reason #3 – You don’t like prepared, dependable people.

On the last wedding we shot, we had a bride tell us that even her friends were impressed with how well we kept her informed. From Facebook messages and e-mails – to giving clients our personal cell phone number. We don’t want you to worry. With over 100 weddings under our belt, we have seen it all – and we like to be prepared. We have professional back up equipment – just in case something goes wrong on your wedding day. And we carry liability insurance. But if you don’t like prepared, dependable people we completely understand.



Reason #4 – Your mother’s brother’s cousin’s dog walker has a “nice camera” and you don’t mind if none of your photos/video/vows turn out.

Hiring a well-meaning friend or relative to capture your wedding day may sound like a great deal, but professional coverage of your wedding day, as well as a superb finished product, are about more than a nice camera. A seasonal discount from your favorite photographer or videographer is one thing, but having your wedding captured by someone who isn’t a professional will result in a less than professional finished product.   Many friendships and weddings have been ruined by a well-meaning mother’s brother’s cousin’s dog walker.



Reason #5 – You don’t want memories from your wedding day.

You probably won’t remember your wedding day. It will go by in such a blur that your memory is only truly sparked by looking at your wedding photographs or watching your wedding film. We want to help you remember those small moments – a tender touch or a stolen kiss. We want you to have a quality product to take out on your anniversary. We also want our clients to be able to share their day with friends and family that couldn’t make it – so we make your finished products available online on our blog or for easy sharing on social media – if you want it to be. How neat will it be for your great grandchildren to be able to experience a piece of your wedding day?  We would love to be a part of making that happen.  But if that’s not for you – well, that’s okay, too.  We still hope you’ll have an amazing wedding day.  Happy planning!




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July 31, 2014

Robin Shea Cookware


If you don’t know Robin Shea, you are in for a pleasant surprise today.  We had the pleasure of meeting Robin several years ago through Southern Fried Fitness.  From filming the first season to watching her brand grow to national acclaim, we have enjoyed an ongoing relationship with Robin and her inspirational message of 80/20 living.  Not only is Robin an inspiration – she is also a living example of the reality of hard work and dedication.

When Robin contacted us about working on a brief product video showcasing her new cookware line, we could hardly contain our excitement.  It was wonderful to work with Robin again, and Melissa is dying to try out Robin’s new cookware.  We know once you see this segment, you will be, too.


Robin Shea Brand Cookware from Choice Media Productions on Vimeo.

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July 31, 2014

Champion Petfoods Groundbreaking by Gray Construction


We are so so privelaged to be a part of the ongoing media coverage for the Champion Petfoods location in Auburn, Kentucky brought to you by Gray Construction. 

In case you missed their spectacular groundbreaking ceremony, the photos are now online here.


We’ll be heading out regularly to capture progress of this state-of-the-art Kentucky Kitchen, so check back often for progress for as much as we’re allowed to share.  We can’t wait to watch this development unfold – and to see the economic development and contribution of Gray Construction and Champion Petfoods to our communities.


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July 31, 2014

A Surprise Boudoir


As most of you know, we recently renovated our studio space.  It’s located in our home, so it’s a great, intimate location where you don’t have to feel intimidated.  We still need to renovate the stairs to lessen the creepy factor, but otherwise I can’t be more pleased with this gorgeous space.

Last week I was able to shoot our first boudoir in the new space.  Unfortunately I can’t share much of this shoot – it’s a surprise for the client’s signficant other.





If you’re interested in a boudoir session, contact us for availability.

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July 24, 2014

Champion Petfoods Groundbreaking


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Gray Construction to photograph the groundbreaking of the new Champion Petfoods facility to be located in Auburn, Kentucky.  Not only did I enjoy spending time with Governor Steve Beshear and Kentucky State Representative Martha Jane King, but I was able to be part of this outstanding project.




I am very excited for the economic development that Champion Petfoods will bring to the Auburn community and the surrounding area.  What’s more – I’m excited about a company that believes in using local, fresh ingredients that are biologically appropriate.


To celebrate expanding this Canadian business in our area, Champion Petfoods brought a Maple tree all the way from Canada to plant on-site.




In addition to the Maple tree and Champion Petfoods representatives, this Gray Construction groundbreaking project celebrated both local Kentucky and Canadian specialties.  All vendors were from the area (including yours truly) – with ice cream from Chaney’s Dairy Barn, wine from Reid’s Livery Winery, and more.  I’ll be sure to update on the local vendors and performers when I get through all of my media.  Local and Canadian bands joined the stage for an evening of delicious food, amazing music, and fun.







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July 20, 2014

Dueling Pianos at Lost River Cave


Last night I had the pleasure of photographing the Dueling Pianos event at Lost River Cave.  My family is a huge fan of Lost River Cave as we live very close and my boys love spending time in their children’s Nature Center.  I highly recommend you check it out.

Yesterday’s event was a fundraiser for the Friends of Lost River Cave called Dueling Pianos.




My talented and beautiful friend, Charlotte, helped with this event.  She asked me to photograph it, and I was honored.  This second annual event helped to raise money for the recent and also upcoming developments on this gorgeous property.  Supporting organizations and individuals gathered in the cave to feast upon dinner and raise money for this worthy cause.  An introductory video reminded guests that not only does nature need us to respect it, but we need nature to survive.  The physical and mental health benefits for adults and children alike are endless.  After the video, guests had the opportunity to pledge funds toward Friends of Lost River Cave, receiving a gorgeous carved bird for their generosity.

Guests then had the ability to request songs and make donations to the Dueling (Piano) duo from Michigan.   The evening’s musical stylings ranged from classic rock to classical – and everything in between.  My personal favorite was a mashup of Bohemian Rhapsody with Let it Go from Disney’s Frozen.  Here’s a quick sneak peak at some of the beautiful details and enthusiastic guests.




DSC01254 DSC01285 DSC01357 DSC01361 DSC01365 DSC01370  DSC01383 DSC01394 DSC01426 DSC01505 DSC01517 DSC01617 DSC01742 DSC01772 DSC01801 DSC02053 DSC02056 DSC02071 DSC02078 DSC02074


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June 26, 2014

Zehnder Montage


I could go on and on about the beautiful details from this wedding, but just take a look for yourself!


Ashley + Dustin from Choice Media Productions on Vimeo.

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