Five Reasons Not to Hire Us for Your Wedding

With so many details to plan for your wedding day, choosing a photographer and/or videographer isn’t easy. To help narrow down your list of choices, we thought we’d give you five great reasons NOT to hire us.

Reason #1 – You hate fun people.

If you hate fun people, we probably aren’t the best match for you. You see, we’ll be spending a lot of time together not only on your wedding day, but also communicating via e-mail, telephone, or in person leading up to your ceremony. We want to learn about how you met, what you like to do with one another, and we’ll probably smile and laugh a lot. We’ve been married since 2006, and we love spending time with one another and celebrating new beginnings – and we have fun doing it. If you hate fun people, you should probably look elsewhere for a photographer or videographer.





Reason # 2You don’t like our style.

While we make every effort to accommodate special requests, photographers and videographers have very distinctive styles. The best professional for one couple may not be the best for another – and we recognize that. We invite you to take a look at samples of our work and to talk to past clients. And if our style or personalities don’t work well together, we hope you find the photography or videography team that will make your wedding day the event you’ve been dreaming about for years.




Reason #3 – You don’t like prepared, dependable people.

At a wedding earlier this year, we had a bride tell us that even her friends were impressed with how well we kept her informed. From Facebook messages and e-mails – to giving clients our personal cell phone number – we don’t want you to worry. With over 100 weddings under our belt, we have seen it all – and we like to be prepared. We have professional back up equipment – just in case something goes wrong on your wedding day. And we carry liability insurance. But if you don’t like prepared, dependable people we completely understand.




Reason #4 – Your mother’s brother’s cousin’s dog walker has a “nice camera” and you don’t mind if none of your photos/video/vows turn out.

Hiring a well-meaning friend or relative to capture your wedding day may sound like a great deal, but professional coverage of your wedding day, as well as a superb finished product, are about more than a nice camera. A seasonal discount from your favorite photographer or videographer is one thing, but having your wedding captured by someone who isn’t a professional will result in a less than professional finished product.   Many friendships and weddings have been ruined by a well-meaning mother’s brother’s cousin’s dog walker.



Reason #5 – You don’t want memories from your wedding day.

You probably won’t remember your wedding day. It will go by in such a blur that your memory is only truly sparked by looking at your wedding photographs or watching your wedding film. We want to help you remember those small moments – a tender touch or a stolen kiss. We want you to have a quality product to take out on your anniversary. We also want our clients to be able to share their day with friends and family that couldn’t make it – so we make your finished products available online on our blog or for easy sharing on social media – if you want it to be. How neat will it be for your great grandchildren to be able to experience a piece of your wedding day?  We would love to be a part of making that happen.  But if that’s not for you – well, that’s okay, too.  We still hope you’ll have an amazing wedding day.  Happy planning!





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